The 2021 Carnival extravaganza from Kia!

Shishir Venugopal

The pandemic has had a drastic effect on car manufacturers. And car makers are doing whatever it takes in their power to make up for mounting losses. It is imperative however to keep models updated for buyers to show continued interest in their products. Kia is all set to do just that. It is ready to launch the updated version of the Carnival MPV in September, 2021.

In India, the Carnival goes head-on with the market leader- the Innova Crysta. To keep up with the Innova it comes with a four cylinder 2.2 litre pot that is capable of producing 200 PS and 441 NM. It is offered in three trims and three seating layouts.

The MPV comes in three trims, ‘the Prestige’ being the base trim, ‘the Limousine’ which is the mid spec, and ‘the Limousine Plus’ which sits above the Limousine trim as the top spec variant.

Notable upgrades in the new trims are:

Prestige (Base Trim):

  • Premium Artificial Leather Seats

Limousine (Middle Trim):

  • Premium Leather VIP Seats
  • 8" AVNT with UVO and ECM Mirror
  • Air Purifier with Virus Protection
  • Rear Seat Entertainment System - 1 EA LH Side


Limousine Plus (Top Spec):


  • New Alloy Wheels
  • Premium Leather VIP Seats


Kia has reduced the discounts in September to 1,90,000 INR- a drop of 60,000 INR for the Carnival Prestige 7 Seater, and to 2,00,000 INR- a drop of 50,000 INR for the Limousine and the Limousine Plus variants.