Mercedes to add new models to its fleet this March end

Amol Agashe

Mercedes India, one of the leaders in the Indian luxury cars market has already fuelled up for their next leap. As per our sources, the company has launched two cars – a luxury sports car, and a limousine. The company is reportedly planning to disclose more details in the coming days.


Here’s everything Car Saathi has come to know so far.


Sources state that further specifications about the sports luxury car and the limousine are soon going to be unveiled by Mercedes India. Although the details are still under the wraps for the time being but it looks like the German automobile expert is going to offer an impressive upgrade to its customers.  The brand even took to its social media pages to provide the customers glimpses of its new offering.


Apart from powertrain, the new cars surely stand out when it comes to exterior designs and colours. While we do not know what sort of steps Mercedes India is taking to design the interior, these factors including technology are certainly the key for a brand of this kind, so one can surely expect something huge!


Needless to say, Mercedes India is going to provide the best in terms of experience, luxury, comfort, materials, and so on. It is a well-known fact that the brand specialises in innovation, creativity, customer understanding, and above all focus on making cars that offer an unmatched experience.


Price and Availability

The price for the incoming cars is still unclear. However, one can expect a price range basis Mercedes India’s current line-up. The new ones might come with a similar price justified by the upgrades baked into it. The company may start rolling out the sports car and the limousine by April 2021.